collection of photos from camp casey, the place where cindy sheehan took a stand outside of bush's dude ranch to ask him "what noble cause" her son casey and thousands of others are dying for. in the beginning i just collected them from the web and stills taken from a video camera. as of thanksgiving, the photos are my own. if you want to contribute, let me know... peace.

Friday, September 30, 2005

in dc we helped ann wright with her vision to "scare the hell out of" the white house. she provided these tents which we used to commemmorate other fallen soldiers. these tents were small enough to take on the march to the white house for civil disobedience. she wanted the chickenhawk in the white house to think that we were moving in to his front yard.

these tents have now been disbursed far and wide to demonstrations all over the country...

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